Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Our Milk Money (Even Though I'm Lactose Intolerant)

This is a post written by Jen Parker on The Smile Report:

Hey! That’s me! I’m featured in this press release!

I’m part of Our Milk Money, a community created for and features work-at-home parents, like me! OurMilkMoney.com is a great Web site that lets parents help other parents.

This is how it works: let’s say I need my house painted. Instead of “Google-ing” for painters in my area, I can first look at the OMM directory and check to see if there are any painters on the list. If there is, you bet I’m going to call them first for an estimate! Every business featured on the list is operated by a work-at-home parent, so I know I’m contributing my hard-earned money to someone who made the sacrifice to stay at home in order to raise their kids. And that makes me happy!

Friday, February 19th marks the launch of OMM’s first radio broadcast at 6pm EST. Congrats to co-founder Ally Loprete and my friends at Our Milk Money!

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